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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amazing Discoveries

Last week, I posted about "Sharpening the Saw." I set a goal for each of my four "dimensions of nature:" physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being. What I learned was I function better when I FEEL that I am accomplishing things. I feel worthwhile, alive, like I'm making a difference.

It seems sort of silly to think those things, doesn't it? I mean, in reality, what I accomplished was all self-centered. I nurtured MY relationship with God. I focused on MY eating habits. I basically focused on ME! In doing so, I found that those in my circle of influence benefited from my efforts as well. I was happier, more organized, and had a better overall self image.

One thing I want to highlight in this post is what I learned about my eating habits.  It's no secret that I am in the process of applying the "Intuitive Eating" lifestyle. This journey has been eye-opening and life changing.  Although I have not reached my physical goal, I continue to learn more and more about WHY I am not at that goal.  The more I learn, the more I change for the better. This past week was no different.  I learned that although I am quite good at recognizing hunger, I am NOT good at recognizing it's absence!  I have no idea when to stop eating!  I don't even stop when my plate is empty!  I only stop when I reach the "point of no return."  In other words, I stop eating when my body is so full, that it would make me almost sick to take another bite.

My friends, lightning has struck my brain! I have been using HUNGER as a cue to START eating, and FULLNESS as a cue to STOP eating. I have been known to say:

"Eat when you are hungry, stop when you aren't hungry anymore. Don't wait until your full."

I wasn't taking my own advice!  (Isn't that the way it always happens?) So, WHY wasn't I taking my own advice?  Because I didn't want to accept the fact that I wasn't hungry anymore!  The food tasted so good, or I paid so much money for it, or I felt that I wouldn't have the chance to eat that food again for awhile. No matter the excuse (and there are plenty,) I found myself more and more IGNORING the fact that I just wasn't hungry anymore.  This little LIE, let me keep eating and eating until I could almost feel the food in my throat.... literally. (Gross, right?)

That being said, I am now AWARE of this little problem and have now decided that I need to not only eat when I am hungry (not starving,) but I need to ACCEPT when that hunger has been satisfied and is no longer present.

This. This, is my ONLY physical goal this week.  To accept the absence of hunger. My other goals go as follows:

Spiritual: Read scriptures daily.  I am SO out of that habit, and I really enjoyed it.
Emotional: Spend quality time with the boys. Summer is almost gone, and I want to PLAY some more.
Mental: Get my "School Year" schedule set for voice lessons and Let's Play Music. It's almost time to start!

How about you? What are YOUR goals?  What did you learn about yourself this last week?

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