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Friday, July 19, 2013

Road Trip Snacks

As you know, I am getting ready for our trip!  In preparation, I have compiled a list of some easy and yummy snacks for the road!

1) Fruit & Nut Bars, Healthy Protein Bars or Healthy Granola Bars – great to keep in your glove department (or sightseeing bag). Non-perishable so will last throughout your roadtrip + keeps you satisfied and energized on the road.

2) Fruit Snacks – bring out your inner child and choose these when you have a sweet tooth. Made soley of fruit (no added sugars), so no need to worry if you’re on the road and can’t brush your teeth for a few hours.

3) Beef Jerky – when the meat eaters need a dose of energy, pack some of these all-natural packages. High in protein and chewy so will keep you busy and satisfied.

4) Spelt Pretzels – if you’re a pretzel lover, try this whole grain, high-fiber version. Made of spelt (similar to whole wheat), these will keep you satiated, without needing to open up your belt loop pre-vacation!

5) Cucumbers – if you have time before you set off, slice up some raw red peppers (or your favorite veggies) and place into a baggie.

6) Raw Baby Carrots – crunchy, healthy and a no-fuss snack to take on the go.

7) Trail Mix – get creative and mix together your favorite nuts and add-ins. Try doing a mix of almonds, pretzels, dark choc chips, and green grapes!  Make sure that the grapes are rinsed but not wet when you add them to the mix!  Trust me on this one... one of each of those and your mouth will be bursting with joy!

8) Whole Fruit- apples, bananas, peaches, grapes, etc.

9) Dried Fruit – remember, dried fruit = whole fruit that’s concentrated down, so choose varieties that have no added sugar (fruit itself is sugary enough).

10) Little packets of nut butter.  Peanut, Almond, or Hazelnut!  Dip veggis in them for some protein!

11) Nuts and seeds!  Almonds, Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, are all great choices!

12) Brown Rice Cake – crunchy, satiating and high in fiber, this makes a perfect snack for the road.

13) Healthier Animal Crackers - made of oats (instead of white flour), these are a healthier alternative to the animal crackers you find on some airlines. Just as delicious + contains fiber + no hydrogenated oils that will clog your arteries.

14) Dark Chocolate – not all chocolate is created equal. Reap the antixodiant benefits with dark chocolate (65% cacao and higher is the best!).

15) Cheese Crackers – a healthier alternative to goldfish (and just as tasty), these crackers are made of whole wheat, so they will keep you “regular” during your travels. Tip- Instead of bringing the entire box with you, pack a handful in a baggie before you hit the road, so you have a little portion control.

Finally, the best drink that you can take with you is WATER! For a change up, try flavored coconut water!

WELL, I'm set!  I have applesauce packets, almonds, organic cheese crackers, rice cakes, watermelon, carrots, celery, almond butter, apples, nectarines, dark chocolate (only one bar for the whole family) and water bottles!!!!
Each kid has their own  container!  No fighting, just the right portions sizes, and napkins for messy mouths!  (This all goes great in my head....)

Am I missing anything?

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