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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Involving the kids!!

I have had these lunch trays for awhile.  I haven't ever really used them.....until now.

Using each compartment as a food group, I create lunches for the kids.  They like "building" sandwiches or cheese and crackers, etc.  And I make sure that they get a great, healthy, lunch!  Obviously, you would adjust the amounts for the ages of your kids. Today, we have:

Protein: ham (2 oz.)
Fruit: half of a banana
Vegetable: Celery
Grain: half a piece of bread (100% whole wheat that I make myself.)
Dairy: string cheese (all natural)
Treat: 1 TBSP of 70%  dark chocolate chips
Water to drink.

I only gave them these amounts to help create correct portion sizes.  CLICK HERE for a great resource on the correct portion sizes for children! (Obviously, they could have more of the celery, but let's face it, I'm not sure that they will eat what they have.)  IF they are still hungry when they are done, they can have more to eat, but this time, they get HALF of a portion size of protein, vegetable or fruit.  After that, they are done until snack time.  (Yes, we have snack time. I'm trying to do the "6 small meals/day" idea.)

There you have it!  Really easy and fun!

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

Day 2.....

Ok!  I did it!  I am totally sweaty and I'm pretty sure that I smell like a run-down fast-food joint in the heat of a Georgia summer, but I'm done!  

Today, I went around 2 miles! I don't know the EXACT distance...this is why: I did actually complete the Jillian Michaels "Get Fit" training session.  Level 1, Workout 1.  After my experience yesterday, I decided to see if there were other workouts for beginners.  This one was the exact opposite of yesterday!  I felt like a grandma doing a workout!  It was WAY easy.  I increased the speed so that my heart rate could get up to where it needed to be.  It was a 20 minute workout that was supposed to go a half a mile!  So, obviously, I went further than the workout was supposed to go. I'm just not sure how much further.  I ALSO didn't stop there!  I went ahead and did ANOTHER 20 minute wog workout!!!  So, a total of 40 minutes!  Not bad!!!

I completed my workout with a 30 second plank and 50 sit-ups! 

Tomorrow comes the strength training workout for the upper body!  The lower body gets a rest! (I'm really just winging it here.)

My day went well yesterday with my nutrition aspect as well!  I came in just under my calorie goal on myfitnesspal.  Of course, I didn't forget to add in my workout, so that gave me a couple hundred extra calories to go off of.  That was GREAT because I was going out to dinner with some friends and I KNEW that I would need those calories.  Mission was successful. I DID have a cheese and chicken enchilada.  I know that I could have made smarter choices, and I should have, but I still came in under my goal!  That's the point, right? 

Ok.....I'll make smarter choices next time.  I need to nourish my body, not stuff it!!!  

Thanks for tuning in!

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Go Go Green Smoothie!

I drink a green smoothie almost every day for breakfast. I get asked a lot what I put in them!  The answer really is what ever fruits and vegetables that I have in my fridge.  And yes, some turn out WAY better than others.  But THIS is BY FAR my favorite recipe. (I try to make most of the produce organic.)

1/2 C Orange Juice (or the juice of a large orange and some water.)
1/2 C Almond Milk or Coconut Milk
1 C Spinach
1 C Kale
1 Large Carrot or a large handful of the baby carrots
1 Banana
4 Large Strawberries- frozen
1/C Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend from Costco- frozen
A squeeze of Lemon
1/2 C of Pineapple (if I have it)
1 scoop of Juvo Organic Raw Superfood -I love this greens mix.  The price is pretty good compared to others.  This is Organic. It has protein (beans and such which some consider fillers, but is actually protein, which makes it awesome for an after workout smoothie.) This has mushrooms (which are awesome for your mind and energy and I just might do a post on them.) And this has Probiotics in it!

Throw it all in a blender, making sure that the liquid is on the bottom, and GO!  I let it blend on high for a good minute or so.  I like my smoothies to actually be SMOOTH, not gritty.

My kids LOVE this!  I actually make it for my friends as well and they tell me that THEIR kids ask to come back so that they can have smoothies!  I tell ya!  This is the key!  This was my breakfast this morning after my workout!  I feel fantastic!


Do you have a good smoothie recipe?  I would love to try it! Have you ever put NUTS in it?  How does that turn out?  Leave your recipe or comment here and I'll add it to my "smoothie creations" list!
I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!


I did it!  Today, I OWNED that treadmill! Today, my workout schedule was:

30 min treadmill workout- I chose to start one of the programs on iFit.  I am doing the "Body Makeover" program.  Today was Day 1, Level 1- for beginners.  That's me!  So........ I made it through HALF of the workout.  I think they should have a "Little More Than Walking Around" workout.  Yup, THAT would be me.  The good news is that I didn't stop working out after I about died.  It had me going from 2.0 mph with no incline to 4.2 mph on a 5 or 10 incline!!! What the...!!!!  So, when I found myself holding myself up with my hands and just sort of letting the belt of the treadmill move my legs, I decided to stop THAT workout and continue on with one a little more on my level. I continued wogging on the treadmill at 3.0 pace (not fast, but I couldn't feel my legs so give me a break.) I finished out the 30 minutes there. Broke a great sweat!

Strength Training- This isn't a strength training day, so I just did some light work. I did 2 sets of the following:
10- bicep curls
10- overhead bicep curls
10- "lawnmowers" (Don't think that is what they are called, but it's the same action as starting a lawnmower.)
10- bench dips

30 second Plank- I wanted to quit at 10 seconds, so 30 seconds was really huge.

So, you can see that I mostly did arm work.  This is because I don't feel like I get that on the treadmill (excluding holding myself up during hard workouts.)

Now, for the big stuff.  I am SO SCARED to do this!  Realizing that I want others to feel like they can do this with me, I need to be honest in where I am.  So folks, here goes nothing! Here are my BEFORE pictures and starting weight.  Don't I look happy???  LOL!  Actually, I am NOT smiling on purpose.  Have you noticed that NO ONE smiles in the before pictures?  No, I don't have any "AFTER" pictures.  I can see why most people don't put their pictures on until they DO have an AFTER pic, but I'm not like "most people." This is so I can be all happy and amazing in my next pictures! Just one small confession- I have lost weight since these were taken, but I wanted to show you my STARTING self! 

Front- 257 lbs

Side- 257 lbs

Back- 257 lbs
Ok, here are my starting measurements:
Right Upper Arm 15" from bottom of my ear: 17 1/4"
Right Wrist- 7"
Right Thigh at middle finger: 28 3/4"
Chest: 43"
Waist: 46"
Hips: 54"

How Did This Happen??

I can blame this on A LOT of things!  Having babies, 2 C-sections, Hysterectomy, PCOS, etc....... but the fact is, I just stopped caring about myself.  I guess....  I mean, the truth is, I have NO IDEA how this happened.  Seriously.  I mean, people can be rude about it and think "Well, duh!  You just ate too much" or "You never worked out!"  But honestly folks, I eat better than a lot of those women that you see at the gym that work out forever, then stop at the gas station for a huge Diet Coke!!  When I look at these pictures I see ALL of those things.  I see motherhood.  I see putting off the gym to be home with my kids that do online school. I see family movie nights with popcorn. I see many personal sacrifices.  I also see that I sacrificed myself TOO much.  There really needs to be a balance in all things. 

It's MY Time

In reality, we all have different body types.  BUT, the thing that we all have in common is that we ALL want to be healthy.  Don't we?  I guess I just can't imagine that there is anyone out there that is saying to themselves, "You know, I just want to be fat and die at an early age!" Nope, I don't think that anyone thinks that.  I've been wrong before though.

And so we begin.  I guess, I'm glad that I only have a few followers right now.  This took WAY more courage than I thought it would.  That is really silly when you think about it. I mean, a lot of people see me every day.  They KNOW what I look like!  So, I guess, I was more afraid of what I would see when I posted these pictures.  Turns out, I see SO much more than fat!  I just need to lose the fat so that the other things are easier to see!  

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Your Marks......Get Set......

Ok, I have spent this past week researching EVERYTHING.  I have found my eating plan, my workout plan, my tracking plan, my accountability plan, motivation plan, and my community plan!  I HAVE A PLAN!!!  My bases are covered. 

 I have tried out all of the websites.  I have tested my treadmill.  I have done workouts each day to see where my limits are and how far I can push! I am READY!!  WOO HOO!! And, a little scared. BUT! I really think that this is the most prepared that I have been to start a weight loss journey! 

The only thing that I have not done is take my BEFORE picture, taken my measurements, recorded my starting weight, and purchased a water bottle that fits in my treadmill water bottle holder thing! (I apparently have fat water bottles.)

Sunday is my rest day.  Monday my REAL training begins. No more of this wimpy 1 mile, 2 mile at a moderate pace. No more only doing 2 sets while lifting weights.  NOPE!  It's on!!  

I am excited AND scared.  But this is going to rock! WE. ARE. GOING. TO. ROCK!!!!  I'll post about my very first workout day on Monday!  I am excited to hear how your days went as well!  
I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

Let's Get Together.....Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Hi Friends!

This sort of goes along with my Accountability post. But, I have put more thought into this, and I really wanted to approach it again.

Everyone Needs a Friend

The #1 suggestion given to those that want to get fit is to have a workout partner; Someone that you are accountable to, to complain to, and someone that will help motivate you when you need it.  I've said it before, but with crazy schedules, this is REALLY hard to find!  Believe me!  I've tried to find the right friend to do this with.  But what has stopped me is that I didn't want to "go walking" with someone that wanted to jog.  I don't want to hike with someone that can do 5 miles.  I don't want to be the one that is holding the other person back.  AND, I don't want to be held back either.  So, that really narrowed my search to find someone on my same level that could workout at the same times that I could (which we discussed was NEVER! HA!) 

Will You Be My Friend?

I am actually pretty happy that doing a blog was suggested to me! This way, I can have TONS of friends doing this with me.  We don't have to all be on the same level, but we all have to have the same goals: to be fit and healthy!  We don't even have to do it the same way!  I have looked into other fitness and weight loss blogs before.  There are some pretty awesome ones out there.  BUT, they are from people that have already succeeded at getting fit.  They are just STAYING there now.  When I look into their blogs, it gives me hope to be where they are one day, but in some ways, it is still overwhelming to read.  I almost wish that I could have found one where I could join in on the journey.  Although I am sure that they are out there.  This seems to be more fun for me, and a little more personal, since I'm pretty sure that I am not going to have some huge, famous blog. LOL!  Nope, I think that this will mainly be my friends. But if some strangers come along, the better!  I'm always looking for new friends! So, if you think that you can't do this with me, just wait......I'm building up the nerve to put up a FULL SIZE, FULL BODY photo of myself.  There will be a whole post dedicated to the big reveal!!  Hopefully, when you see that, you will KNOW that we are in this together!!

I've talked about before.  My username is: thehealthyredhead

Look me up!  Comment on the blog!  Or "follow" me on here.  (But not in real life...that's creepy.)  Do something to let me know that you are there and in this with me!  I NEED IT!!!  I need your help.  And, I hope that I can help you too. So, invite your friends, and....

Let's Get Together

I'll start.  

HI!  My  name is Cindy.  I'm a red-head that wants to get fit.  Check out the other posts to get to know me better. My life is crazy, and I am on the verge of "losing it" in every area of my why not "lose" the fat too??  I figure that as a team, we can accomplish anything! I am on my way to becoming  The Healthy Redhead.
I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

The Trojan Horse

It came!!!! The mammoth sized treadmill came!! It does have a few unexpected surprises that cane along with it.

It took a little bit to set it up and put it together (I was too cheap to pay the delivery guys money to do it, so I talked my dad into helping!!  THANKS DAD!) but it is big and beautiful!

Already, the boys are anxious to use it. Of course, I have tried it out already! 

Here is what I think so far:

1. You know when you look at furniture in a store and you think "that will fit just fine!" And then....whammo! Not so much. Yeah, it's worse when you look at something online, and put it in your home. I still don't regret getting it, but it does take up a large corner of the bedroom!

2. The iFit feature is nice. It is still in beta mode though so right now, it's hit or miss as to whether or not you can get a live workout to work. I was lucky, and patient, and I was finally able to do a virtual run through Times Square using my laptop. That was pretty cool.

3. The console buttons don't respond quickly to my touch. Sometimes, I have to push it over and over to get it to respond. I assumed that this wasn't the norm, and I was right. After doing some troubleshooting with me, ProForm is now sending me a new console WITH free delivery and set up. The downside? It's on back order for a few weeks. BLEH!! But, I can still use this one and I am learning to deal with the button thing for now.

3. I wasn't prepared for the feeling of responsibility? that came once it was here. Now, I have NO excuse not to exercise. NONE!! ZERO!! It's scary. But, that's what my goal was, right??? Yes! Yes, it was. I will not let this oversized mammoth treadmill intimidate me!! No way! I will OWN this thing. Well, I DO own it already, but you know, I mean "own" in the other way.... OWN! KaChow!! Ok, never mind. You get it.

So, other than those little soldiers inside the Trojan Horse, I am completely thrilled!! Now, it needs a name! Submit your ideas!!

What do you think???

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Setting up the Schedule

I am a firm believer in schedules.  My personal calender (kept on Google Calendars) is color coded for each member of the family, my voice lessons schedule, Jeff's work schedule, church calendars, etc.  It's intense!  AND, my workout schedule is no different!  It goes right along with the other calendars.  HOWEVER, I have also found that if I have this right next to my bed, where I see it every day, it helps me to "get up and go!"

This is what my schedule for next week looks like:
I know that it is hard to see, but it's there.  My workout schedule for the week.  I basically combine the treadmill workouts with bodbot workouts.  Then, I throw in my DVD's for fun and "break days." You should aim for 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week, a full body strength training 2-3 times a week, and 2 rest days of really light Yoga or rest.

 Keeping a schedule like this helps me to keep things exciting.  When I get used to working out every day, I hope to add things like swimming and biking.  But for now, I am sticking with things that I KNOW I can do every day.

How to Set Up a Schedule

For some great tips on how to set up a great workout schedule, check out the following sites.

Here is an example of a workout plan:

Monday: 30-60 minutes of cardio training, such as power walking, elliptical or Spin class.

Tuesday: 25 minutes of cardio training.  20 minutes of a full-body strength training routine, circuit training or Body Pump. 

Wednesday: Rest day doing yoga, Pilates or stretching class.

Thursday: 30-60 minutes of cardio training, such as jogging, hiking or swimming. (Notice that this is at a more intense level than Monday's work out.)

Friday: 25 minutes of cardio training. 20 minutes of a full-body strength training routine, circuit training or Body Pump.

Saturday: 30-60 minutes of cardio training, such as power walking, rowing machine or stair climbing.

Sunday: Rest day. Enjoy time at the park, or a family hike. 

This makes for a total of 5 days of cardio (some harder than others,) and 2 days of full body strength training, and 2 rest days. This is right within the limits of what all the experts say to do!

Whew!  I know that I can do this, and so can you!  I will admit though, adding this to my already crazy schedule seems daunting. 

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!


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