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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Sunburst! A challenge......

Go with me here for a minute.

I live in Arizona where a lot of people use solar panels as an energy source for their home.  This morning, I had the not so unique idea that OUR bodies actually receive energy from the sun as well.  Then, I took it a step further and thought about the energy boost that we receive from the earth, fresh air, and water.

Where is your peaceful, happy spot? 

I am the most relaxed and at home while at the ocean. For me, it is THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE that gives me energy.  I am a musical person, and I love the rhythm of the waves. I love the warm sand under my tired feet. It's like a little mini massage and pedicure all in one. I love breathing the ocean air; even when it stinks! I love to watch the sun set over the ocean.  If I weren't a red head that would burn to a crisp and possibly be mistaken as a lobster, I could stay there all day, every day.

For hubby, he loves the mountains! That is, if he HAS to be ON the earth.  I would actually say that his  favorite spot in the world is actually above it, flying in the air. BUT, for my intents and purposes, we are only using examples where we are touching the ground. SO, for him, it's the mountains. He could go camping and "live off the land" and be totally, completely intent.

Why is this? There are the obvious answers that we relate these places to lower stress levels in our life. Usually, these places are away from work, responsibilities and other stress factors. BUT, imagine if we could create that peace for just TEN MINUTES each day?  What would that do for the quality of the rest of our day? Would we be more successful? Would we have more energy to face the day? Would that extra peace help temper our emotions through the day?

I gave this little theory a shot.  I spent some time each morning, before the kids were awake, out on my patio, just.....thinking. Breathing. I sipped on my green smoothie, or I ate a grapefruit, or I just took in some deep breaths! I let the sun warm my skin (which doesn't take long here) and I just let myself BE. For ten minutes, each day, I just existed.

Energy From the Sun

I found that all my suspicions about gaining energy from the sun, air, earth, etc. all were true! I DID feel happier throughout the day! I WAS calmer and able to handle stress easier. I suddenly had energy to do my workout that I was previously not too excited about.  Everything! It is really interesting how just that little piece of time from my day made such a difference in my life. I'm sure that there is some scientific reason for all of this. For example, in addition to being a source of Vitamin D, the sun is a natural mood enhancer. Studies show that people that go long periods of time without the sun suffer from various forms of anxiety and depression. I believe it! For me, it just gives me a little burst of energy.

I call it my SUNBURST TIME. Although it isn't the beach, I somehow get a "charge" from the sun. And, that solar power lasts me all day long!  This is now going to be a part of my daily "ritual!"  AND, it's the new challenge!  

Rules of the Challenge

The Challenge will run for 10 days starting on Wednesday June 5th and ending on Friday, June 14th. 


  • Pick out your spot. Where can you sit, lay, or stand peacefully for 10 minutes. Exercising outside doesn't count. Give your body time to rest along with your mind. 

  • Choose your time.  When is the best time for your to accomplish this?  Early in the morning? Just after lunch? Evening? Choose a time of day that this works best for you. A time with minimum distraction. I found that it doesn't really matter as long as you can absorb some sun.

What to do

Well, it doesn't matter. You could sit and breathe, you could read, draw, listen to music, float in the pool, or try this:

When to Start

TOMORROW!! Start the challenge!  Go to your spot, relax, breathe, think, ponder, whatever.  Just do it outside for AT LEAST 10 minutes. ALONE.

This is harder than you think, so make sure that you are prepared! I'm excited to hear about your experiences!  Comment on this post, Twitter, or the Facebook Page and let me know your experience with the challenge along the way!

10 minutes of sun for 10 days!  Let's do this!
 It's a whole new way to "feel the burn!"  HA!  

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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