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Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 3 Challenge- Intuitive Exercise

Last week, the focus was on Intuitive Eating. We Dropped the Diet Mentaltiy, and focused on listening to our bodies. This week, the challenge focus is on Intuitive Exercise.

The first thing that I feel like I need to do is to separate exercise from weight loss.  Instead, I think that exercise needs to be the means to just feeling better.  I don't need to go over the benefits of exercise here. However, I will say that I don't exercise the way that I used to.  Instead, I do the activity that I FEEL like doing that day.  If I feel like walking, I walk.  If I want to jog, I jog.  Get the idea?  Sometimes, I lift weights, other times, I Zumba.  I exercise to feel good.  The minute that it STOPS feeling good, I realize that I am pushing myself too hard, and need to stop. If I want to stop earlier than 20 minutes, I think that is a sign that I should have taken the workout just a bit lighter.

Here are some tips to help you Focus on how it FEELS other than what the time or distance says.

1. Do you feel more energized after exercising? Are you more alert?
2. Do you fine about exercising, or does the thought of it stress you out?
3. Do you feel like a nap after a workout, or can you just continue on with your day?

These are some things to look out for as you practice listening to what is best for you.

The goal is to just GET ACTIVE!  FEEL the difference! To do this, the motivating factor cannot be to exercise to lose weight.  You won't receive instant gratification from this.  There is no immediate reward!  In other words, you can't exercise and then immediately measure yourself to see the difference. You CAN, however, exercise and then immediately measure how you FEEL.  Therefore, if FEELING BETTER is your motivation, you will be more likely to work out.!

Focus on exercising as a way to take care of yourself. Don't worry about how much TIME you spend exercising.  Just DO it!

5 minutes of taking the stairs = 43 hours in 1 year!!

Finally, be sure to set time aside each day for physical activity.  Don't get caught in the "I don't have time" trap.  Believe me, this is a hard one to break.  But, I think that you will find that you have the opportunities to be more active in your NORMAL life than you think.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Park further away from the store.
Walk the dog.
Clean the house to the beat of music.
Climb up the step stool to put away the dishes.
Lift those boxes in the garage and get them organized.

IT ALL COUNTS!!!  And, it ALL ADDS UP!!  We are aiming for 30 minutes of real MOVING every day!

What are your favorite ways to get in genuine exercise?  How do you make it fun? How do you stay motivated to get in your physical fitness on a daily basis?

To START the challenge- click HERE

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