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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wii Fit U Experience

Last year, our whole Christmas was "Wii" based.  It became the first gaming system that our little family owned.  The boys got the Wii U, games, remotes, the works!  THIS YEAR around Christmas time, Nintendo finally came out with the Wii Fit U. Basically, it's the Wii Fit but...with a U. Ok, so there is a little more than that!
Like the normal Wii Fit, this takes your body calculations (weight, height, etc...) and then it comes back and tells you how out of shape you are.  (I am assuming that it does this with EVERYONE since even my 6 year old shows as out of shape.) You get to have a little cartoon character (Wii Mii) that you create to look like the over-weight you as well.  So, now, I get to look fat in cartoon form as well!  (And the peasants rejoice!)

Once you finish all of this, you have the choice to choose a personal trainer, play some balance games, learn some awesome dance moves, do some yoga or find just about any other exercise that is out there.  Staying true to the name, the Wii Fit U really DOES Fit YOU!  The information is saved for each user, and it gives suggestions for exercises based upon the info that it receives from the assessment and from your performance in the games. 

Since we didn't have the regular Wii, I don't know how all of this compares to the "old" Wii Fit.  But, all in all, this is pretty cool.  The BEST feature that I KNOW didn't come with the "old" Wii is the nice little pedometer! It is called the "FIT METER."  This little buddy counts your steps and measures your movement throughout the day.  THEN, when you log into the Wii Fit U, it syncs up with your little fat cartoon and tells you how you "measure up" towards your goals.  Check out Nintendo's WEBSITE to see all of the cool features.

I tell you this because although I have had the Wii Fit U game and meter for about a month, today, yes, TODAY, was the FIRST time that I have REALLY used it. Even then, it was my second choice because I was not able to use Maj. P.I.M.A today. (Maj. P.I.M.A is my awesome treadmill.  Aptly named because it is a Major Pain In My A**......literally.) See, I went to USE Maj. P.I.M.A and realized that hubby brought the key HOME with him and now, it is in a "safe place."  ANYWHO..... what did I think of the Wii Fit U?  Well, it was actually pretty fun.  Minion #2 and I played for quite some time!  I broke a sweat.  I pushed him off of the balance board proclaiming "It's MY TURN!" And, according to the fit meter, I burned just under 100 calories!

You all know that I don't really CARE how many calories I take in or out, but it's nice to know that it was doing SOMETHING.  The key point is that I FELT like I was getting some great activity in!  We only used it for 30 minutes (it took 30 minutes to figure it out... don't judge) So, after my hour of exercise time was over, I was happy with the results.
This is one of the dancing games.... I rocked it! "Center Stage Dancer!"
Yup, That's me! 
I'm not sure that I would do this EVERY day, but maybe for about 10-15 minutes as a cool down from Maj. PIMA would be pretty good. The dancing is fun, the snowball fight is a blast, and the mulit-player games are super! And, as a HUGE fan of the PLANK, I actually liked doing it on the balance board with the game better than just normally!  See, there is this little dot that shows you where your center of gravity is and how shaky you are.  It really helped me to see how much control I really had!  That was fun!

So, today's activity time was a success!  If you have a Wii U, or even just a Wii, give this game a shot! If you already have a balance board and have just purchased the Wii U system, you can buy the game plus the meter for $49.99 from the website.  $89.99 to purchase the balance board with it!  I don't think that you will be disappointed.

TLDR: Wii Fit U Review

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