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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cleaning Up the Holiday Mess...

When I was little, I would go to my grand-ma's house every New Years Eve.  There would always be A TON of food and we would play "Bunco" into the New Year.  Kids would run around the house, grown-ups were laughing, and the "bunco bell" was hit about every 10 minutes or so.... then the pandemonium would start as everyone took a seat in a different chair and the whole thing would start over again.

I remember one particular New Years Eve where I stuffed myself silly with the yummy foods of the evening.  I ran around with the other kids.  I laughed, I played. At 12:30am, I went to bed with the excitement of sleeping over at grand-ma's house and bringing in the new year.  At approximately 12:50 am, my stomach started to rumble.  1:30.....oh little body rejected the junk that I had eaten all night and I spent an hour or so hugging the toilet bowl while the foul beasts and demons were exorcised from my body.

Last night was a similar night for me.

For the past 3 weeks, I have packed up (and color coded the boxes) the house, Christmas shopped, organized voice students, found a new renter for the house, planned a Christmas party for 40 women, talked in church, packed up a moving truck (in 72 degree weather), drove two days to another state, unpacked the moving truck (in 23 degree weather) into THREE separate locations, unpacked boxes at my parents house, finished Christmas shopping, cleaned my parents' house to prepare for Christmas Eve, emailed schools, saw two movies, and finally, brought in the New Year. THIS means that I ate junk!  I didn't eat it in huge portions. I didn't stuff myself silly with Christmas fudge.  BUT, the food that I ate was NOT quality.  We ate out for almost EVERY MEAL!

Although, my pants are a little tighter, I still fit in them. (Hubby isn't so lucky...) But the BIG difference that I notice is that I am irritable, tired, retaining water, and now, sick to my stomach.  THIS, my imaginary friends, is living PROOF that WHAT you put INTO your body DOES matter!!

***Pause for dramatic effect***

According to (a totally credible news source,) the TOP 5 New Years Resolutions for 2014 are:

Lose Weight
Meet New People
Keep a Journal
Stop Swearing
Learn Something New Every Day

Once again, LOSE WEIGHT is at the top of the list. That is NOT my New Years Resolution.  I am already on that journey.  In the past 8 months, I have had ups and downs.  I am STILL two dress sizes down.  Do I wish that it were more?  Well, OF COURSE, but I am just grateful that I have been able to maintain it through the past 3 months of crazy "let's move to another state" deal!

Nope, my New Years Resolutions are more fulfilling.

1. Fuel My Body- I have spent the last 6 months or so focusing on being in tune with my hunger signals and knowing when to STOP eating. I didn't pay much attention to WHAT I was eating, although I tried to keep it on the whole foods side. After last nights experience, I think it's time to focus more on WHAT I am eating. Good form, don't you think?

2. Slow Down- I am a happier person when I have time to experience things in life! I think that when people spend their time going from one appointment to another, they miss their own life. Nope, not me.  I am going to spend more time quality time with the family (now that I live close to, or with, them again.) I will leave time for the more important things in my life such as church, family, etc.  Now, this is easy to say and I hope that it will be easier to DO, given the fact that right now, I just moved here and I don't have a lot of commitments.  I just need to KEEP it that way.

3. Never Say "YOLO" Out Loud.  I have never said this word.  I think it's a ridiculous word.  So, this goal should be easy to keep. I'm convinced that people actually lose brain cells when they say this.  SO, for the good of my brain, I shall refrain. (That's catchy!)

What about YOU?  What are YOUR resolutions?  Who knows, maybe I'll steal a few from you awesome people!

Welcome 2014!  I'm waiting with open arms!......Don't sucker punch me.

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year!!
    I can certainly tell when I've eaten the wrong stuff, ugh. But it's also important to note that being healthy is a lifelong process. It is so easy to fall off the bandwagon, and it will take work to get back on.
    One of the best results for your family of having this healthy lifestyle is the example it is to your children. They, too, will have the desire to exercise and eat healthy, and will notice when they have not been doing so well either.
    Here's to 2014 and keeping our families happy and healthy. :)



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