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Monday, April 14, 2014

Detox Water- Truth or Myth?

So, about two weeks ago, I came across this little concoction. It was advertised as "Weight Loss Water."  The idea is that it is supposed to suppress hunger, flush out toxins, and get in all of your water.  The ingredients are all foods that are known for their health benefits in one way or another.  I thought that I would give it a shot and see what I thought of it.

How It's Made

The ingredients for 1/2 gallon pitcher are:
3 lemon slices- Health benefits include:
  • Regulating blood pressure (special for high blood pressure)
  • Fight against cancer 
  • Maintain bone strength 
  • Provides high hygiene and health of the oral cavity 
  • Helps to reduce weight 
  • Prevents overgrowth of parasites and intestinal worms (tapeworms) in the digestive system 
  • Protects against fungal bacterial infections 
  • Strong anti-depressive effect 
  • Anti-Anxiety aid
  • Cleansing effect on body
  • Helps with cystitis and tumors 
  • Decrease the cholesterol levels in the body which results in maintaining good health of our hearts. This is due to the presence of polyphenol flavonoids

5 cucumber slices (partially peeled to remove the bitter taste)- Benefits include:

  • Immunity Booster
  • Vitamin B
  • Weight Loss Aid
  • Digestive Aid
  • Fights bad breath
  • Helps to control Diabetes
  • Joint Care-
3 slices of lime- Benefits include:

  • Weight loss Aid
  • Skin Care
  • Eye Care
  • Cure for Scurvy
  • Constipation relief
  • Digestive Aid

3 slices of orange (I used clementine)- Health Benefits Include:

  • Helps to prevent cancer
  • Emotional Stimulant
  • Kidney Health
  • Liver Health
  • Boosts immune system

4 leaves of mint (or 3 large leaves.)-Health Benefits Include

  • Digestive Aid
  • Nausea and Headache
  • Respiratory Disorders (Asthma, coughs, etc.)
  • Anti- Depressant
  • Energy Booster
  • Boosts Memory
  • Weight Loss Aid
  • Fertility Aid
  • Reduced Allergies and Hay Fever
  • Fights against bad breath

**Remember to use ORGANIC ingredients to avoid ingesting pesticides.

Put all ingredients into the pitcher and fill up with filtered water.

You can pour some immediately, but make sure to keep the pitcher FULL at all times.  Otherwise, the water gets pretty strong. This last for about 2-3 days before you need to make some more.

Does it Work?

In short, the answer is YES!  After one day of drinking this, I really was feeling the detoxing.  I'll spare you the details, but a minor headache and the need to be near a restroom were both experienced.  After a full week of drinking it, I have noticed my clothes starting to get loose again (something that I have been struggling with for months- a story for another day.) Finally, I felt energized, experienced an increase in happiness, and got in all of my water for the day.  I don't have a SUPER hard time getting my water in anyway, so I know that these results didn't just come from the water itself.  

The best part is that I made some for my parents, and both of them have felt the exact same way!  A word of caution though: if you don't like the taste of lemon water, you won't like this.  (DUH) But, it would be a good liquid to add to your morning smoothies! 

There you have it folks!  Huh!  Who knew! Have you tried this for yourself?  What were your thoughts?  

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