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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not Your Mother's 4th of July Tips!

I know a lot of you are probably going to be reading this while sitting on a lawn chair, in the sun, waiting for your BBQ to get going.  Or, maybe you have been super busy and active today while swimming, walking around a park, or playing volleyball!  Or PERHAPS, you decided to sit by the pool, relax, and then go in for a nice nap to get your sleep in!

As I decided what to write about today, it occurred to me that most people focus on the NEGATIVE side of the normal Independence Day celebrations.  There are a lot of blogs, articles and Pinterest ideas on "how to eat healthy on the 4th..." or "Tips for a happier 4th..." and the like.

NOT ME!  NO WAY!  Today, you are going to hear something a little different.  Are you ready???

THR's 4th of  July Advice


Now, before you think I've lost my mind, I want you to remember a few things.


Eat Grilled Food- now, I know that the potato chips or potato salad are there and tempting.  But you CAN enjoy a BBQ without the guilt.  Have a spoonful of the potato salad, and a cup full of the veggies and fruit...especially that watermelon! As an anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, anti-oxidant, watermelon has moved up the list as one of the WORLDS HEALTHIEST FOODS!  So, by all means, SCORE!!!!

Drink up!  Go ahead and have a cool glass of lemonade, but make sure you get your water in as well!! Being out in the sun will take its toll on you and you WILL pay for it!  So, make sure to carry that water bottle with you.  It will also help keep you from OVER eating!  ;)

Play, play, play- Whether you are swimming, strolling around a park, or playing that volleyball, you are being ACTIVE!  AND you are having.....FUN!!!  We know the benefits of being active (burning those potato salad calories...just sayin') BUT having FUN is good for our health too! "Laughter is the best medicine," right?  Well, yes. Studies show that laughing and playing reduces our cortisol levels, burns calories than the activity alone would, and  makes for a happier healthier heart!

Enjoy that sun! We already know the health benefits of being in the sun!  Just make sure to wear that sunscreen!

In the end, I guess that I am saying.... uh..... Eat, Drink, and be Merry!!!  (That's going to come back and bite me... I know it.)

I hope you all are safe and happy today!  

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