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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tips for Trips!

Ok, so we are FINALLY going on a little vacay for the family... it's short notice and it's a long drive, but we will be seeing family!  Hooray!  Right?

Suddenly, I am very self aware of what I LOOK like! LOL!  I've been working out, eating well (if you don't count Peter Piper Pizza!) and I feel great!  But I am still nervous about how I look.  I mean, I don't know if the past 2 months have brought a lot of change on the OUTSIDE as much as the inside.  I HAVE heard that you really start to LOOK different once you start to FEEL different.  I can honestly say that I am there now.

The last time we took this trip to Utah, we ate... a lot!  I think that there was one day when we ate 5 meals!  It seems to be the "thing to do" with guests.  "Hey! Family is coming up!  Let's get together and EAT!" I am determined to have a different experience this time!

In the past, I would use a vacation as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted! As a result, I have NO IDEA how to eat healthy on a vacation.  So far I have come up with the following tips.

1. ROAD TRIP SNACKS!  Replace the chips, licorice and soda with cut veggies, fruit, and water.  Sounds easy, right??  I can even throw in some nuts, seeds, and MAYBE crackers and cheese....

Chick-fil-A Healthy Dinner Menu2. MEALS:  It's pretty easy to eat healthy at a sit down joint, or in a home, but on the road, it is difficult.  I would like to say that I am the type of person that will have all the makings for sandwiches in my cooler and that we will pull off somewhere and have a nice picnic.  In reality, I have a husband that would rather NEVER stop for anything and if the boys have to pee, it's like the world is coming to an end.  SO, I know that my options are fast food!  That means, I am going to aim for "healthier" fast food like Chipotle, Cafe Rio, or someplace that I can get a fresh salad that isn't in a plastic container that has been sitting for days. Maybe Chic-Fil-A... their chicken strip salad is only 450 calories!

3. FAMILY MEALS:  This SHOULD be easy, but is actually hard.  The reason is because the food is all spread out on the counter and just stays there, waiting for the heffers to graze.  I plan on being prepared by filling up my plate ONCE and checking portion sizes.

4. ENTERTAINMENT:  Although I know that a movie or two is in the works, and that I WILL have popcorn, I know that I will have the SMALL and drink WATER. I will also skip the red vines! Stayng entertained by going to the park, pool, or other places where I am required to stay busy other than sit and eat will be helpful.

5. ACTIVITY: I have always wondered why they have gyms in hotels.  Like, who wants to exercise while on vacation!  Well, after having my stint without exercising and seeing how hard it was to get back into it, I am now one of those people.  Although we are staying with my parents, I plan on maintaining my workout schedule.... wish me luck!

What are your favorite tips for trips!  Do you have a favorite snack?  How do you keep in check but still let yourself go a little, I mean, it IS a vacation....

Weigh in!  Leave a comment or check in of Facebook!

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