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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Confessions of a Redhead

What a MONTH!  

Sometimes, life just hands you the best opportunity to balance your life, workout, eat right, and just be your normal awesome self.  Then, there are times when life hands you the opportunity to cuddle and rock a small child, only to have them fart on you! June was more like the latter for me.

The month started out great!  I was all ready to focus on the nutrition part of my plan, continue with exercise, and rock out! Then, the "fart" came.... or more, a bout with some bad chili. We went through tragic airplane accidents and funerals, computer troubles, and justan over all struggle to even DECIDE which diet plan to follow (which led to the THR Nutrition plan.)

ALAS, I did my best to stay positive!  HOWEVER, I must admit, that although I DID pay more attention to my foods and portions, I did NOT follow the plan exactly. (GASP) I also only worked out an average of 2 times per week....BLEH.  

Life just became too much and my health was put on the back burner. Even in the depths of stress, and craziness, I was able to apply the things that I have learned while doing THR blog. 

1. Just do your best.. ALWAYS. Sometimes my best is 110%, other times, it's more like 80%, and let's face it, sometimes, I'm just lucky to get out of bed, feed the minions and breathe.

2. Let the SUNSHINE in!!  I am energized by the sun!  I wrote a whole post about it! Yesterday, I didn't have a car.  I walked to the mailbox (which is around the corner, give me some credit) and just stood there, feeling the heat on my skin.  It was hot. Like, PHOENIX hot....because I live in Phoenix. NEVERTHELESS, it felt so good!  I came home and was really happy and energetic!  Then, I realized that I forgot the mail! Nope, didn't go back. I taught voice lessons instead.  But I was glad for the warmth.

3. Take time to I did this... a lot.  I was so worried about the stress of the events increasing my cortisol levels (I know....I'm obsessed) that I made sure to take time to relax.  

4. Be aware! Although I didn't follow the nutrition plan to a "T," I was aware of my portion sizes AND the foods that I was eating.  

5. I got back on track!  This month was full of on again/off again days and weeks. In the end, I didn't lose sight of my goal.  I did what I could to stay on as much as I could, and I got back full force when things lightened up (which was like, two days ago.) 

The Verdict

Due to the broken computer, I wasn't able to measure and weigh in. SO, I did it today!  Before we get to the numbers, I want to "weigh in" on the other areas of a healthy lifestyle.


I already talked about the stress levels and such.  But, this month, I tried very hard to compliment people.  I loved to see the smiles on their faces.  It made me happy as well! Now, I do it without trying so much... it's more natural.  And, it's nice because I have a better relationship with hubby and the minions too. 


I have been struggling a little spiritually.  It's almost like I lost my connection with my Heavenly Father.  So, just the other day (Sunday, in fact) I took the time to REALLY pray.  I had a heart to heart with my creator.  It was refreshing!  I then took the time to listen throughout the day to the responses that I might receive. And, I received some!  It was refreshing and probably the most important thing that I have done all month.  Just now, I noticed that even though I am STILL working with computer issues (switching things around,) we received answers to financial issues, missionary issues, and family issues this month.  Also, my week has been awesome thus far....I know, it's only Tuesday, but I'm not expecting it to change.


Here we go!  Drum roll please........

MEASUREMENT                     LAST MONTH                     TODAY
Waist                                              45.3                                       44.25
Hips                                                52.5                                       52.5
Wrist                                                 7                                            7
Chest                                              41.8                                       40.5
Thigh                                              27.5                                       27.25
Arm                                                16.5                                       16

Not as big of jumps as last time, but still pretty good, none the less- ESPECIALLY for the month that I have had.

Now for the WEIGHT.  You know my opinions of the scale. It is a necessary evil, but only once a month.  And.... I'm DOWN a full pound!  Now, you might think: "Whaaaa girl?!?!  A whole month, and only down one pound?? " Well, let me 'splain, Lucy! I'm pretty dang sure that I GAINED a few pounds during the funeral times at the beginning of the month.  So, this is a REAL WIN because it means that I lost what I gained and THEN SOME! SO, take that! Also, I HAVE been following THR plan for like, 3 days, and I like to think that is where that extra pound came from! :) 

Moral of the Story

Although I did see successes in all areas this month, it was WAY harder to implement the plans than it was last month.  I just think that life is easier when you STAY in a groove.  The ups and downs were too much to handle (although a lot was out of my control) and I am looking forward to getting my routine back! I am also seeing success from y'all as well!  Some of you are still working on the soda challenge, others are focusing on the nutrition plan, others are focusing on serving others and seeing the health benefits from THAT! HAPPY PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE!  

Next month is my 3 month mark, and time for another set of pictures.  For the love....

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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