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Monday, August 19, 2013

Gettin' into the "Back to School Groove"

I must start this out by saying that this post might not make sense. I'm tired, confused, and living in a world full of chaos. I feel like the beginning of the school year is more of a "resolution" time for moms than the ACTUAL New Year.  All over facebook I see posts about early morning walking or jogging groups.  I see my friends getting back into a workout routine, planning meals around busy schedules and once again committing to bettering themselves through health and fitness.  I have yet to accomplish any of these. BUT, that is going to change!!!

I am resolved to get back into my workout "groove."
See, I'm in my workout clothes and everything.
This is the eye of the tiger!
See, the problem that often arises with this new found resolution is that school throws a wrench into our schedules. One would think that we would be ready for this being as the school year ALWAYS starts around the same time of year, but NOPE.  We go on living in our euphoric Summer life until WHAMMO, a new school schedule throws us off the charts.  We become just a bit PSYCHO!!  Not only do we have to wake up earlier to get the kids off, but we are expected to actually FUNCTION! 

Minion 1- Before school.  He's not smiling anymore.
As most of you know, my kids do ONLNE school.  This means that while I am not expected to TEACH my kids (they have a teacher, class, etc.) I am expected to be a "learning coach."  This, from what I have gathered after my week vast experience, is that I am supposed to answer questions and make sure that they complete assignments and get them turned in. Now, I did this last year and it was ok.  I didn't feel like minion #1 needed any more of my help than he did at "normal" school.  This year, however, I have minion #2 in Kindergarten!  This little change has ROCKED MY WORLD!!!!  I.CANNOT.FUNCTION. 

Minon 2- He sat long enough for the picture.
Wouldn't you want to do pajama school??
What is NOT cool about that???
I know that a lot of moms are anxious to get their time back as they send their kids to school.  I can TOTALLY see why.  I would LOVE to put my kids on a bus and have time to myself.  So, WHY don't I?  Well, it's complicated.  It has to do with me teaching voice lessons and being un-available in the afternoons, being married to a pilot, and wanting to have a little more control over my child's education than I had before.  Yes, I am a control freak.  But, we knew this already, didn't we. So, my kids need me in the morning time to help them with school.  This has messed up my workout schedule (and eating schedule, and teaching schedule, and every other schedule.)  

As school time drew nearer, my workouts decreased to just 2-3/ week (in a good week.)  Last week (the first week in school) I had ZERO workouts.  Yup, ZERO.  As a result, I MIGHT be a little on edge.  
THIS. This is what I resort to when Minion 2 won't do school or house work.
Do you see how unstable I am? Nothing is too safe or sacred.
Let me introduce you to "Magenta."
School work is now complete, room clean. Magenta is safe....for now.
You should have seen his face as I threatened his precious Magenta!
Parenting at it's best.  

I have finally realized the cause of my short temper and I am doing my best to resolve the issue!  Along with the other moms and the school year, I too resolve to be better with my health and fitness!  I get into the "back to school groove!"  Piece of cake, right? All I need to do is figure out a schedule.  We all know that I won't wake up way early to get my exercise in.  I'm not that motivated...yet.  Maybe one day. But TODAY, I MADE it happen.  Sure, it made my morning a little crazier, but CRAZY is really the "norm" around here. Did it help??  Well........ considering the fact that I have threatened to cut up stuffed animals, probably not yet.  

For the sake of my family, I hope that my "groove" comes soon.  This Emperor is VERY MUCH in need of a New Groove! 

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  1. eh... you just need more sunshine LOL!



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