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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy! It's such a fun word! *Giveaway*

A little over 10 years ago, I sat in a car with a dear friend of mine. I don't recall the conversation, but I recall her suddenly saying to herself "Happy. Hap, Hap, Happy. HappyHappyHappy!"  Noticing my raised eyebrows and laugh containing smile, she turned and said, "Isn't 'happy' such a fun word to say? Happy. Happy, Happy!"

Now that you have probably taken this chance to repeat "Happy" over again out loud, you might agree with her. I did. We sat there in the car repeating it and even shouting it just to see WHAT it was about this word that was, well, HAPPY.

Fast forward to about a year ago when my sister-in-law introduced me to a book called "The Happiness Project."  This book is an entertaining and thought provoking read.  I dare say that it did more than provoke my thoughts, but it also created action within me. I found myself laughing at the stories that the author, Gretchen Rubin, shared and often related to her life experiences.  She has done an amazing job of taking our every day actions and picking out what makes people happy in life.  The main idea of the book is generally to just live a little more. She talks about creating an atmosphere of happiness through everyday  "chores" and "work."  I enjoyed the book so much, that I am currently reading it again. Gretchen also has a BLOG that focuses on happiness. It's a great blog!

The Healthy Redhead journey was sparked by the idea that I just wanted to be happier in life.  I realized that it was MORE than my weight that was bringing me down.  For so many years, I thought to myself "If only I were thinner, I'd be happier because..." In reality, that wasn't the case at all.  
Thin people are sad too!  

Yup, skinny people have depression, bad days, feel tired, get dumped, are poor, and have just about every other problem that fat people have!!  I can see it now, a support group for skinny women that feel lonely because "everyone" thinks that they just have the perfect life! We just don't understand!

Well, we don't!  See, how our bodies look don't define happiness. Happiness is brought on by the release of endorphines.  NOT being sad is also NOT being happy either.  We must go over and above to create the feeling of happiness.  Once I realized this, I decided to take charge of my own happiness.  I started LIVING better.  I focused on things that would release the "tingles" inside.  I started exercising (at a moderate pace...nothing that would make me HATE or DREAD it,) eating cleaner, smiling more, cleaning more (having a clean house creates a peaceful atmosphere..,) and spending more time with my family and outside enjoying nature.

I have said it before, but I am a happier person today than I was 4 months ago.  I de-cluttered my life. I realized that NO ONE IS HAPPY IN CHAOS! No one.

My Top 5 Happiness Boosters

I started by taking time to find out what 5 things create happiness in my life, and then, trying to put some more focus on those things.  You know what?  It worked! My top 5 happiness boosters are:

1. ME time.  Just taking some time out of each day to be alone with my thoughts....and have a piece of chocolate. I usually take this time in the morning.  A) It's nice to start my day out peacefully B) Who doesn't like to start out the day with chocolate- not just any chocolate.  THIS chocolate:
Calories well spent, my friend. 

2. Laughing. I love to laugh. My kids love it when I laugh. My husband loves to hear me laugh.  Everyone is HAPPY when MOM laughs.  Somehow, all is well with the world.  It gives the family a false sense of security that mom is not going to lose it at any moment.  Which, makes me laugh. *sigh* Bless it.

3. Dancing.  I can't dance. I mean, REALLY can't dance.  BUT, I have MOVES that send the earth spiraling into a whole new realm! I'm not really sure how it happens, but parts of my body go flinging about and energy comes out.  My kids have inherited this from me.  When they hear music, they just have to MOVE with it.  My only advice is... steer clear.

4. Applause.  I am addicted to applause.  Perhaps it comes from years of doing theatre, but nothing says "job well done" better than applause.  Try it.  Give yourself a little clap right now.  In fact, I will clap for you...
See?  Feels great, huh!  So, if you see me, just give me a little applause.  I guarantee that we both will smile and be happier for the day.

5. Service.  Making others happy, makes me happy.  Have you ever done the "12 Days of Christmas" for a family at Christmas time?  It is SO. MUCH. FUN! In fact, you know what would be MORE fun?  Doing a similar thing at another time of year like, the "12 Days of Halloween" with autumn or Halloween treats and decorations or "12 Days of Groundhog Day!"  with Winter and Spring decorations!  (Thought of those all by myself!..... insert applause!) The point is that it brings happiness to do something nice, and unexpected for someone else!


Ok, enough of my rambling.  Let's get to the good stuff!  Giving things away makes me happy and it makes YOU happy!  What better way to kick off someones happiness project than by giving away a copy of The Happiness Project AND a bag of the AMAZING chocolates!  


All you have to do is.... scroll down! 

Follow the steps at the bottom of the page to enter!!  


  1. You are way too cute!! Love your post.

    My Top 5...
    1: Definitely like Me Time.

    2: Also need quality Spouse time. ;)

    3: Good quality chocolate can sure make all the difference. ;)

    4: It's so nice when all my children can get along, and not grumble or irritate each other.

    5: Being able to attend the Temple. Oh, the peace and serenity. Super love this one!!

  2. My happiness boosters are (in no particular order):
    1) Working in the yard
    2) Cupcakes
    3) Listening to great music (and dancing in the kitchen)
    4) Making a family history discovery
    5) Naps

  3. Happiness boosters!
    1. My kids!
    2. Super dark chocolate
    3. Cruising
    4. Reading
    5. Knitting/crochet

  4. 1. drinking tea
    2. Sitting and talking friends over dinner
    3. fish tacos
    4. Going for a drive with my sister and good music
    5. Writing

  5. Happiness Boosters:

    1. Listening to Music Really LOUD w my kiddos!
    2. Entertaining-A party w dancing and good food=utter happiness
    3. Having gatherings w friends and family (GAME NIGHT!!!)
    4. Being Creative i.e. Photos Graphics Drawing etc
    5. Watching my fav shows/movies w some goodies

  6. Happiness Boosters 1. Cleanliness--- I am so much happier in a clean environment! 2. Laughing at myself and others 3. Day trips with my kids, I love to see their faces when they do something for the first time:) 4. Excersice-- believe it or not I love it! 5. Service I get excited to help when needed because I always need help!! ;)



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