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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Most Poor Suckers Are Starving to Death (Part 4 of 4)


My favorite part about living this lifestyle is that I don't have to obsess with food, exercise, weight, etc. I just LIVE my life.  I eat the foods that I love. I DO fun things. I take the time to enjoy what I am doing. My mind is free from stress and worry and open to happier, more productive, things in life. 

There is SO.MUCH.MORE to life than counting calories, points, weighing food, portion sizes, and meetings. 

I love the movie/book "Auntie Mame" or "My Life With Auntie Mame." Mame Dennis is an eccentric lady with crazy ideals about life, happiness, education and every other thing on the planet.  She takes in her nephew, Author Patrick Dennis,  after her brother and his wife die.  The story follows both of their lives together and the impact that they had on one another. In both the movie and the book, she is quoted as saying:

"Live! Live! Live!... Life, is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!" 

These words ring true to me as I have spent most of my life "starving to death" both figuratively AND literally speaking!  I have WASTED too many of my youthful years worrying about my weight and practically starving myself to lose it! I have WASTED too much of my time focusing on these things rather than spending time with those that DO matter DOING fun, amazing, things together. I have not experienced activities and food the way that I believe they were meant to be enjoyed.  Instead, I cowered at the chance to swim at parties, hike with friends, and play sports at family events. I avoided pictures. I hid in my yoga pants and T-Shirt and watched movie after movie.... alone.  It's pretty much a miracle that met and dated my husband!  These habits continued after I married him, but this time, I brought him with me.  I whined every time he said "Let's go for a walk or a bike ride." I talked him into spending time with me, sitting on the couch, rather than go do things that he "used to " love such as snowboarding. I refuse to let my kids go through life without being adventurous. They will go hiking, camping, snowboarding (maybe,) swimming, and bike riding. They will learn how to run fast, play multiple sports, dive off a diving board, swim in the ocean, hunt for sea glass and take chances. I will teach them these things... as soon as I learn how myself. 

I no longer worry about what I look like. I only worry about how I FEEL. Am I hungry? Am I full? If food isn't the answer, what is? Am I having fun? What example do my kids see? 

My advice to you is to just STOP! STOP looking for the perfect diet, pill, program, plan, etc....STOP TALKING about your weight- especially in front of your kids.  They will hear you. They will listen. They will copy. They will learn. Decide now what you want them to learn. Instead, eat until you are satisfied, run, walk, play, swim, bike, have fun. Let your children hear you talk about how you are finished eating because you are not hungry anymore, NOT because that's all your calories allow. Let them hear you talk about how much fun you have EVERY DAY. Don't be afraid to be in pictures. 

Make amazing memories. Be happy. Be memorable. Smile.

Since starting to LIVE this way a week or so ago, I have lost weight (appx. 5 lbs or so, but I hardly ever weigh myself so I'm not exact on that,) I am more positive, happy, everything!  I don't count calories or points, I don't push myself in exercise, I don't weigh or measure my food, I don't take any pills or shakes.

I just live my life, paying more attention to my body and the signals it gives me. 

One year ago and today.... 

LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Life, is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!

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