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Thursday, August 29, 2013

If You Always Do What You've Always Done... 4 month check in.

Well, here we are!  1/3 of the way through a year. Time to check in on the progress.  From the previous posts, you can see that I am really happy.  I feel a lot better! Here are the NEW, UPDATED PICTURES! 
4 months. Before and After.
I like this one.  My shirt sits lower on my hips now.
It doesn't slide up, plus you can see a huge difference
in my back.
This one isn't bad either.
I guess I can see a small change...
yes, the picture is flipped.  I was facing the wrong way this time.
Don't know what annoys me more, the flipped picture, or being faced
the other way.

There you have it.  I think I have seen a lot of changes.  I always feel like I should see MORE than I do.  But I'm sure that is natural, right? The one thing that I HAVE noticed is that as I shrink, my body looks disproportionate. time for the NUMBERS!

STARTING NUMBERS                                           
Height: 5"6
Weight: 257 lbs
Right Upper Arm 15" from bottom of my ear:  17 1/4"
Right Wrist-  7"
Right Thigh at middle finger:  28 3/4"
Chest:  43"
Waist:  46"
Hips:    54"

Height: 5"6
Weight: 243 lbs. DOWN 14lbs! 
Right Upper Arm 15" from bottom of my ear:  16.....DOWN 1.25" total
Right Wrist-  7"...same (not sure this wrists shrink???)
Right Thigh at middle finger:  27".....DOWN 1.75 total
Chest:  40"..... DOWN 3" total!
Waist:  43.5" ..DOWN 2.5" total
Hips:    52" .....DOWN 2" total

TOTAL INCHES LOST: 10.5"  !!!  That doesn't suck!
TOTAL POUNDS: 14 lbs! (It's worthy to note that most of this came off in the last MONTH since I started eating differently. CLICK HERE to see what I changed. If you have been following the blog, you will see that at my 1 and 2 month check-in, I had only lost a pound or two.)

I think I might have "beefed up" in some places, but I'm fine with that. The weight finally started to come down.  I think this was a combination of my changing the way I ate AND the fact that I stopped worrying about it. I also stopped weighing myself.  I have not weighed myself in forever (with the exception of the "cheat" that I did a few days ago to see where I would be when I posted today.)

The hardest thing about these past 4 months is that I have climbed mountains!  I have been up and down, trying to figure out what was best for me.  I had hard days, hard weeks, and hard MONTHS! In the end, I kept going though, and it shows!  I am now in a groove where I can say that I think the days of struggle are over. I'm not saying that I still won't have hard times, but I know how to deal with them SOOOO much better than I did before. Because of that, I see a brighter future! It is easy to maintain my hope and to pick myself back up again.

DO NOT let yourself fall into the spiraling pit of despair! Your looks DO NOT define you.  THAT is the #1 thing that I have learned. I am so much MORE than the way that I look.  How I FEEL means everything to me.

I used to think people were batty when they would tell me to focus on FEELING healthy.  How can you FEEL healthy?  Now I understand.  FEELING healthy means being happy, confident, and energetic.  It's smiling, playing, and being crazy sometimes. It's taking deep breaths, smelling the roses, and taking in moments. It's having fun, loving yourself, and letting others love you.

I never realized that I didn't feel those things until I STARTED to feel them. It's amazing, and SO easy to obtain....well, mostly. PLEASE, get healthy the RIGHT way. STOP telling yourself that you need a "jump start," or a pill, shake, program, book, DVD, or anything like that.  You need to commit and convert to a new you. Conversion takes time. It takes a friend, or two, or three, or hundreds of friends on a blog! It takes, understanding that there is no such thing as a quick conversion. You did not become the person that you are today in one day, week, month or year!  WHY would you be able to change that quickly? Accept that it will take time.  Lower your expectations on "how fast" things should happen.  And, just GO. Contact me. I will help you. I can share my experiences and do what I can to hold your hand. Ultimately, it is all in YOU though.

I am 4 months into this crazy hard, sometimes cool, always rewarding journey. I am seeing progress....REAL progress.

I've learned HOW to do this.  I've learned what works.  Now, I just have to continue to do it, and I will continue to see results. 

If you always do, what you've always done, you will always get, what you've always gotten. 

Well, I have changed what I ALWAYS DID.  Now, I am ALWAYS DOING something else.... and I like it better.

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  1. Congrats!! Good Job!! You are doing fantastic. So happy for you. Your results are awesome! You are such an inspiration.



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