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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Trojan Horse

It came!!!! The mammoth sized treadmill came!! It does have a few unexpected surprises that cane along with it.

It took a little bit to set it up and put it together (I was too cheap to pay the delivery guys money to do it, so I talked my dad into helping!!  THANKS DAD!) but it is big and beautiful!

Already, the boys are anxious to use it. Of course, I have tried it out already! 

Here is what I think so far:

1. You know when you look at furniture in a store and you think "that will fit just fine!" And then....whammo! Not so much. Yeah, it's worse when you look at something online, and put it in your home. I still don't regret getting it, but it does take up a large corner of the bedroom!

2. The iFit feature is nice. It is still in beta mode though so right now, it's hit or miss as to whether or not you can get a live workout to work. I was lucky, and patient, and I was finally able to do a virtual run through Times Square using my laptop. That was pretty cool.

3. The console buttons don't respond quickly to my touch. Sometimes, I have to push it over and over to get it to respond. I assumed that this wasn't the norm, and I was right. After doing some troubleshooting with me, ProForm is now sending me a new console WITH free delivery and set up. The downside? It's on back order for a few weeks. BLEH!! But, I can still use this one and I am learning to deal with the button thing for now.

3. I wasn't prepared for the feeling of responsibility? that came once it was here. Now, I have NO excuse not to exercise. NONE!! ZERO!! It's scary. But, that's what my goal was, right??? Yes! Yes, it was. I will not let this oversized mammoth treadmill intimidate me!! No way! I will OWN this thing. Well, I DO own it already, but you know, I mean "own" in the other way.... OWN! KaChow!! Ok, never mind. You get it.

So, other than those little soldiers inside the Trojan Horse, I am completely thrilled!! Now, it needs a name! Submit your ideas!!

What do you think???

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!


  1. Here's my name entry: Sgt. Sweaty! Or perhaps Maj. Motivation? Col. Calorie Cutter?

  2. Those are some great suggestions! LOL! The Maj. one gave me an idea! Right now its a Maj P.I.M.
    (Pain In My....) LOL!



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