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Monday, April 29, 2013

Go Go Green Smoothie!

I drink a green smoothie almost every day for breakfast. I get asked a lot what I put in them!  The answer really is what ever fruits and vegetables that I have in my fridge.  And yes, some turn out WAY better than others.  But THIS is BY FAR my favorite recipe. (I try to make most of the produce organic.)

1/2 C Orange Juice (or the juice of a large orange and some water.)
1/2 C Almond Milk or Coconut Milk
1 C Spinach
1 C Kale
1 Large Carrot or a large handful of the baby carrots
1 Banana
4 Large Strawberries- frozen
1/C Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend from Costco- frozen
A squeeze of Lemon
1/2 C of Pineapple (if I have it)
1 scoop of Juvo Organic Raw Superfood -I love this greens mix.  The price is pretty good compared to others.  This is Organic. It has protein (beans and such which some consider fillers, but is actually protein, which makes it awesome for an after workout smoothie.) This has mushrooms (which are awesome for your mind and energy and I just might do a post on them.) And this has Probiotics in it!

Throw it all in a blender, making sure that the liquid is on the bottom, and GO!  I let it blend on high for a good minute or so.  I like my smoothies to actually be SMOOTH, not gritty.

My kids LOVE this!  I actually make it for my friends as well and they tell me that THEIR kids ask to come back so that they can have smoothies!  I tell ya!  This is the key!  This was my breakfast this morning after my workout!  I feel fantastic!


Do you have a good smoothie recipe?  I would love to try it! Have you ever put NUTS in it?  How does that turn out?  Leave your recipe or comment here and I'll add it to my "smoothie creations" list!
I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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  1. Loving your blog. you smart beautiful woman!



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