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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Let's Get Together.....Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Hi Friends!

This sort of goes along with my Accountability post. But, I have put more thought into this, and I really wanted to approach it again.

Everyone Needs a Friend

The #1 suggestion given to those that want to get fit is to have a workout partner; Someone that you are accountable to, to complain to, and someone that will help motivate you when you need it.  I've said it before, but with crazy schedules, this is REALLY hard to find!  Believe me!  I've tried to find the right friend to do this with.  But what has stopped me is that I didn't want to "go walking" with someone that wanted to jog.  I don't want to hike with someone that can do 5 miles.  I don't want to be the one that is holding the other person back.  AND, I don't want to be held back either.  So, that really narrowed my search to find someone on my same level that could workout at the same times that I could (which we discussed was NEVER! HA!) 

Will You Be My Friend?

I am actually pretty happy that doing a blog was suggested to me! This way, I can have TONS of friends doing this with me.  We don't have to all be on the same level, but we all have to have the same goals: to be fit and healthy!  We don't even have to do it the same way!  I have looked into other fitness and weight loss blogs before.  There are some pretty awesome ones out there.  BUT, they are from people that have already succeeded at getting fit.  They are just STAYING there now.  When I look into their blogs, it gives me hope to be where they are one day, but in some ways, it is still overwhelming to read.  I almost wish that I could have found one where I could join in on the journey.  Although I am sure that they are out there.  This seems to be more fun for me, and a little more personal, since I'm pretty sure that I am not going to have some huge, famous blog. LOL!  Nope, I think that this will mainly be my friends. But if some strangers come along, the better!  I'm always looking for new friends! So, if you think that you can't do this with me, just wait......I'm building up the nerve to put up a FULL SIZE, FULL BODY photo of myself.  There will be a whole post dedicated to the big reveal!!  Hopefully, when you see that, you will KNOW that we are in this together!!

I've talked about before.  My username is: thehealthyredhead

Look me up!  Comment on the blog!  Or "follow" me on here.  (But not in real life...that's creepy.)  Do something to let me know that you are there and in this with me!  I NEED IT!!!  I need your help.  And, I hope that I can help you too. So, invite your friends, and....

Let's Get Together

I'll start.  

HI!  My  name is Cindy.  I'm a red-head that wants to get fit.  Check out the other posts to get to know me better. My life is crazy, and I am on the verge of "losing it" in every area of my why not "lose" the fat too??  I figure that as a team, we can accomplish anything! I am on my way to becoming  The Healthy Redhead.
I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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