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Friday, April 26, 2013

Treadmill hunt!!

I'm not going to spend time explaining WHY I chose a treadmill over an elliptical or other at home equipment.  It pretty much comes down to the fact that I like wogging (again, walking/jogging, my word, don't steal.) I find the elliptical to be scary and I feel out of control while using it.  Plus, I can only imagine what I look like.

Now, after reading a bunch of treadmill reviews, I learned a few things and I narrowed down my needs (in no particular order.)

1.  I wanted iFit on my treadmill.  iFit lets you virtually travel the world while walking on your treadmill.  Using Google Maps Street View, you can walk the streets of Paris OR Central Park!  It's pretty cool!  PLUS, there are workout programs for all levels.  These all sync through your wireless internet from the website to the treadmill.  It will also keep track of your work outs for you.  Multiple accounts can be linked together to one account so that others can use it on the treadmill as well.  The cost is $99 per year.  Meh, not the best price, but not too bad either.  iFit comes on TWO brands that are worth looking at.  Proform and NordicTrack! See the iFit website HERE.

2. I needed it to have a strong motor.  3.0 HP or higher.  I found that the rule of thumb was that the heavier the person, the stronger the motor.  I'm not ready to reveal my weight- just yet, but let's say that I needed a stronger one.

3. Although it is MUCH larger, I decided that I wanted a 60" belt.  Mainly because I have hopes of running on the treadmill one day, and I want my stride to be natural, not hindered by a short belt.

4. It needed a fan.  Yes, I could have purchased a small fan to have blowing on me, and I still might.  BUT, I live in Arizona.  I need cool air- especially while working out!

5. Shelf for my ipad (that I don't have yet.) Some treadmills come with the iFit touch screen already installed.  I decided to save the money for that, and just use a laptop or ipad to view the map.  Plus, an iPad can be taken off and used for other things.  I just wanted a treadmill that had the iFit application already installed so that I didn't have to purchase it separately.  The cost of the iFit device is $99 and although I ASSUME that it comes with your first year subscription, I am not sure on that and so the idea of spending another $99 for the subscription was not appealing.    So, as soon as Apple releases the new iPad mini 2, I'm all over it! In the meantime, I will use my laptop.

6. Speakers and iPod connection.  I MIGHT want to blast some music while wogging!  Maybe I don't want to use headphones!  Done!

7. It had to be LESS than $1200.  I'm not made of money!  In fact, to GET the money for this, I am actually SELLING a few items from my home!  (Rocking Chair, Two model Trains, clothes, computer stuff, cookware, dishes, etc. You know, stuff that I never use!) You would be amazed at all of the little items worth $5 that add up!! We have a Facebook garage sale group for my area.  This makes it easy to sell the items.

8. I wanted an incline AND a decline.  Now, I don't mean that it has to inline so high that I'm climbing virtual mountains, but, I see the value in being able to simulate actual race routes as well as work different muscle groups.

9. Good Warranty. Self explanatory.

10.  Needed to fold up to store.  It is already going to take up a bunch of space, so I need something that is going to fold.  I thought that ALL treadmills fold.  Not so!

So, it came down to the winner!!!

Power 1080i
ProForm 1080i

This had some really good reviews in EVERY website that I could find online.  AND it met each of my requirements up top.  At the time of this post, the cost was a SALE price of $1199 with free shipping AND I used a coupon code to get me another 10% off.  So, with the iFit subscription, I think I spent a little over $1250.  $50 over my goal, but I think that I have a good machine for a great deal.

Check it out HERE.

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!


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