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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Tips for a Happier, Healthier YOU

I have talked before about how Emotional Health is KEY to our Physical Health.  Sometimes, it is just hard to "get in the game!"  Here are some tips for improving your "Happier Self" to assist in your "Healthier Self!"

1.Take time each day to just be.

Rather than being caught up in the emotionally distracting (and exhausting) frenzy of constantly doing. Take the time to relax, breathe, and enjoy life.  In other words, "Stop and smell the roses!"  You have an amazing life! Sit and watch the kids play. Watch the wind in the trees. Sit out on the patio and soak in the sun. Even 10 minutes makes all the difference...really. 

2. Don’t run away from your feelings.

 Instead, explore them and try to identify their source. Your emotions should help to guide you to positive action and thoughts. For example, if during your physical training session you find yourself continually bored or hating the workout you are long overdue in revamping your training program. You should not be afraid to work out every day. You should be excited!  According the the American Heart Association, you will see better results if you go into a workout with a happy heart! If you focus on “fear” it gets bigger and bigger. The same holds true for positive emotions. If you want more love and compassion in your life you can grow these positive emotions by consciously thinking positive thoughts. If you want to become a better swimmer it is much easier with positive affirmations such as “I am becoming a strong swimmer” instead of negative self-talk such as “I’ll never be much of a swimmer”.


Smiling is a universal language! (No, LOVE is not the ONLY one.) Not only do you brighten YOUR day with a smile, but others as well!  That's not all! Smiling has an effect on our health as well.  Did you know that smiling:

  • Produces endorphins and makes us feel better
  • Large smiles are related to better health and wellbeing and higher romantic success
  • Smiling Reduces Stress
  • Smiling Improves Your Immune System
  • Smiling Reduces Your Blood Pressure
  • Smiles can use between Five to all 53 facial muscles (your face needs toning too!)

4. Reach Out and Touch Someone – Literally

Don't go too far with this thought! A word of caution: This is PROBABLY best trying on someone that you KNOW!  Just sayin'. Being in physical contact with someone you care about is an automatic stress reliever. Hugs and holding hands with the people you care about are therapeutic for the both of you. In fact, a study conducted by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that a massage can actually boost your immune system and make you more content. (Jeff....hint....*cough*.????)  Consider treating yourself if a massage from a friend or loved one just isn't an option.

5. Get Out of Your Weekend Rut

Weekend activities are like mini-vacations, and they are important to recharge your mind and body. They do not need to be expensive to be effective. The important thing is to do something new and have a change of scene: A hike at a nearby park with family or friends is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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