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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I stink, therefore I am....

Interestingly enough, I noticed that after my workouts, I had sort of an ammonia smell.  TMI??? Well, I wondered why this was and so I did some research.  This is what I came up with!

Do you smell:

Sweet: This PROBABLY means that you are living a healthy lifestyle and using fat as your energy source.  HOWEVER, if it is TOO sweet, it could be a sign of diabetes! 

Musky: A musky smell is the cause of too much stress.  This scent is mostly associated with men!  Does this mean that men are more stressed out than women?  Not sure, but it could mean that men use that stress as energy. 

Ammonia:  Uh Oh..... this means that you are using amino acids as your energy.  In other words, your body is using protein instead of carbs to burn off that energy.  (Guess it's a carb breakfast for me before the workout..... healthy carbs that is!)

Sour: Drink more water!  This means that you are probably dehydrated and are building up bacteria!

Metallic: Well, watch that iron intake! Lay off the red meat, eh! 

Garlic or Vinegar: Yeah, you just ate too much garlic or vinegar.  

Final fact of the day?  Sweat,although composed with differnt molecules depending on diet and lifestyle, in general actually doesn't smell at all!  It is the sweat DRYING on your body and mixing with the different bacteria that causes the smell.  All the more reason to AT LEAST rinse off after a workout.  Don't take the time to linger, chat with a friend, or write a post on your blog! The people around you will thank you.  

You could share this post with friends and be like, "Hey, lay off the meat, eh?" or "Not getting enough carbs before your workout!" 

Really, this post is more of a public service announcement.

I'm on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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