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Thursday, May 2, 2013


All I want, all I'm asking for, is some SLEEP!!!!! Between the allergies going wild in my face, the 5 year old that won't go to bed at night (it's too scary) and my suddenly uncomfortable pillow and bed, I am feeling the effects of my lack of sleep.  

Yesterday, I walked around with my head tilted to one side, my eyes half shut, and my shoulders hunched over.  I just stared at my voice students.  I even tried to find a way that sleeping during a lesson would help them improve their voice (not true,) but still, I just couldn't function.  My brain was having some sort of vacation where the synapses (not sure that is a word) just weren't happening. By 8:00, I was ready for sleep and couldn't convince my two WONDERFUL little boys that they should be ready as well.  

SO, I started to wonder.... "I thought that exercise was supposed to give you MORE energy!!"  Turns out, it does, but you have to get used to it first.  According to, as long as I drink my water, don't over exercise, dress in light clothing and GET SOME SLEEP, I should be feeling MORE energized in no time!  So, sleep is the issue.  

"Research indicates that sleep deprivation doesn’t seem to affect physical response or endurance or strength, according to Breus. However the mental effects of lack of sleep can have a significant impact on your athletic performance. So you still want to be well rested in order to meet your full athletic potential. “You may be able to physically run the same distance or lift the same amount of weight while you’re tired, but the moodiness, anxiety, and irritability that accompany your sleep debt will make your workout feel like a challenge. “It’s the perception of exertion,” Breus says. “The more the sleep debt, the harder the workout feels. You might still be able to do the same workout but it feels tougher.” And in that regard, your overall performance might be harmed because you’ll reach your point of exhaustion faster. "

Well, there is my problem! My lack of sleep has had a MENTAL effect on me.  Although it is important to get your peaceful nights rest, 6-8 hours, it doesn't give us the excuse to not exercise.  In fact, it gives us MORE of an excuse TO exercise.  Just like eating sugar or carbs, exercise will boost our endorphin levels and our metabolism and give us the extra energy that we may need for the day!  Hmmm!  Who knew!  And, just in case you were going to head in THIS direction, NO, working out at NIGHT does not make it HARDER to sleep.  

"While it’s true that exercise increases adrenaline, it also can have a calming effect on people, particularly 20 minutes to 2 hours after exertion. Plus, by elevating body temperature, exercise may facilitate sleep by activating central cooling mechanisms that are linked with sleep, according to Youngstedt."
So, my friends, I'm off to go do my workout for the day in hopes that it will give me the energy that I need to make it past noon!  Hat's off to you!!!

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!

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