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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Be Our Guest!!!

Do you have an inspirational fat loss story?  What about an amazing recipe?  Is there something that you feel like you are an "expert" on?  How about a diet plan or cookbook review?  

WELL.... tell us about it!  

"Be our guest, be our guest, put YOUR service to the test!" 

Write up a blog post and email it to me!  I'll look it over and post it on the blog!  My hope is to enough posts so that I can highlight each of you by doing a "Friday Friends" post each week!  

So, no more hiding behind that computer screen!  
Show me what you've got!  


Write up your post.  You can do this in the body of an email, or attach it from Word or Google Docs.  

Send it to me using the email link to the RIGHT.......

Check in every Friday to see if you are the Friday Friend!!  Get them into me ASAP!!  I want to post the first one TOMORROW!!!!!!

AHH!  This is going to be so fun!

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