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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Month Results and Giveaway!!

Well my dears, the time has come!!!  After all of my hard work with exercise and eating better, it is time to see where I am ONE MONTH later....

Before I reveal the results, I want to say that in May, I put most of my focus into building a good exercise routine and making a habit out of it. That doesn't mean that I just went "full hog" on my eating.  I was still careful about what I ate, and portion sizes, trying to focus on whole foods.  I also cut out Soda for a full week, and plan to do it through June. BUT, I for sure put more effort into exercise rather than diet.

Without further ado.....

MAY 2013 results are in:

Weight: 247.6 (although this is 10 lbs less than my starting weight, I have not lost a pound since starting The Healthy Redhead journey.... diet maybe?)

Right Upper Arm 15" from bottom of my ear: 16.5" = DOWN .75"
Right Wrist- 7"= SAME
Right Thigh at middle finger: 27.5" = DOWN 1.25" !!!!
Chest:41.75"= DOWN 1.25" !!!
Waist:45.25"=DOWN .75"
Hips:52.5"= DOWN 1.5" AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
TOTAL INCHES LOST: 5.5" (I needed a calculator for that.)

For the STARTING measurements, click HERE.

There you have it! Although I didn't lose any weight on the scale, it is apparent that I am getting SMALLER. And the fact that I can life heavier weights (up to 10 lbs on the dumbbells, started at 5lbs)  and go longer on the treadmill (doing 1.5 miles-2 miles at a 20 min average mile, compared to 1 mile in 22 min,) shows that I am getting healthier. Right???  RIGHT!?!?!  

Ultimately, my goal is to be the healthiest that I have ever been and I think I am well on my way! 

What's Next?

Nutrition Plan: I am confident that as I follow a real food plan, I will see results in my weight as well.  (Not that "the number" is the end all of self- worth..) June will be the month to add in a set, comprehensive diet.  

I have been researching by behind off, looking for the "magic plan."  I know that have put a lot of emphasis on the Michael Pollen books "In Defense of Food" and "Food Rules" as well as The Word of Wisdom. These books have taught me A LOT about food. I have studied other "diets" such as Paleo and Primal Living, South Beach, Atkins, Blood Type, etc.  I have also looked into the programs such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and Medifast. I'm just trying to find "the one" that I know I can stick to without bitterness! ;)

I am in the process of completing The Healthy Redhead Food Plan which will be the rules that I will follow through my journey. I'm not a nutritionist, doctor or anything of the sorts, but I feel like I have done enough research to put this together for myself. Not gonna lie though, it will probably be a combination of what "the experts" are saying is good. Basically, I'm just taking what I like from a lot of people that know what they are talking about, and I'm putting it into one plan that I can follow, no, that I WILL follow. I mean, how hard can it be!  Vegetables and Fruits are good, Sugar and Fat are not good, and if it came from a lab, I shouldn't have it in my body!  Easy right?  Well, my research tells me that it's a bit more complicated than that. 

Either way, my next post will reveal:
The Healthy Redhead Nutrition Plan! 
Or, in lame man's terms, what foods Cindy will be eating. But, that isn't as exciting to say. For a better understanding of my "general opinions on food" click HERE.


Now, I am pretty stoked about my 30 day results and I want to CELEBRATE!!!  I honestly could not have done it without your support!  Being able to vent, share, and just BE here on the blog, Facebook Page and others has helped keep me motivated and has pushed me through hard times.  I can put down that I had a hard day and you guys are right there with words of encouragement.  So, as a thank you, I am giving away a 

$25 Gift Card!!!!! 
To Enter: Just follow the steps near the bottom of the page!  Good luck!

I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead


  1. Congrats, that's awesome! Don't let yourself get bored or stuck on one style of'll avoid plateaus and frustration that way. And take classes and make friends, it's a great motivator!

  2. 5.5 inches! Thats awesome. I haven't lost anything this month. I have been bad. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Keep it up you're doing awesome.

  3. Congrats on the progress and keep up the great work.



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