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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Deep, Sweet Emotion!

Feeling Things to the Very Core

I read this article once that talked about a study that was being done.  In the study, they (the people conducting the study) had an older gentleman come into a building.  They took out some white blood cells (the fighter cells) and put them onto a little dish.  Then, they put the cells in another building about a mile away from where the man was being held.  With whatever technology that they have, they hooked up both the cells and the man to some machine to measure reaction.  Then, they did different experiments.  They talked to the man, showed him pictures of beautiful places, family, etc.  Then, they changed topics.  They showed him pictures of the war that he served in, of abused children and animals, etc.  The whole time, they measured his response.  When the experiment was over, they found that the cells had the EXACT same reaction to the experiment at the exact same times as the man did.  Even though the cells were a mile away in a different building, they were a part of him and thus, still connected to him.  

We Are Emotionally Connected With Our Bodies...Down to Each Cell.

I have put a lot of thought into this particular story.  I have even gone as far as to wonder if this is why a "mother's intuition" works so well.  You know, our kids really are a part of us.  So, it makes sense that we can sense and feel their feelings.  Same thing with identical twins. People always talk about how there is a connection between them.  I could take it further and deeper, but I won't.  One day, you can ask me about my theory and we can have a nice talk about it.  BUT where I am choosing to focus tonight is the effect that our emotional state has on us.  If the above story is true, and we DO have a connection with our bodies, even down to each cell, then we need to change the WHOLE way that we think!  See, if our small cells can sense our emotion from a mile away, then how do you suppose they are INSIDE us?

What We Feel Emotionally is Tied to How We Feel Physically

If we are feeling doubt or depression, anger, or hate towards ourselves, what does that do to our bodies?  What message does that send?  I guess I just keep thinking that if I am telling my body that I am fat and will never lose weight, then I wonder if it just follows whatever I tell it to do.  I know it sounds weird.  I am also finding it hard to put my thoughts into words without going WAY off topic. (Like I said, we can chat later about that. And, honestly, you will probably thank me for NOT going into it here.) Hopefully, you can catch the drift of what I am saying though.

Have you ever noticed that you have more energy when you are happy or excited?  It's true.  I'm sure that there is a scientific explanation for it.  All I can say is that after committing myself to this lifestyle for just ONE WEEK, I already feel FANTASTIC!  I feel happy and excited for the future and the future ME! I have told my body that it is fat for WAY too long. I have told it that it CAN'T do certain activities and that it will NEVER look good in certain clothes!  That has made me depressed and angry and bitter.  And, I'm DONE with that!  See, (here come the tears...UGH!) NOW, I tell it that I WILL look a certain way, and that I WILL  wear certain clothes (if any, cause, let's face it, when have the body that I plan on getting, I just MIGHT run around naked for a bit.  I'll be that CRAZY redhead that runs around naked.) I tell my body how PROUD I am of it for working so hard!  I KNOW it sounds cheesy.  But, it's true.  It's amazing how being healthy emotionally helps me to be healthy physically!  

Being Emotionally Fit Leads Us to Better Physical Fitness

We know that physical fitness can lead to a healthier emotional fitness, but did you know that it goes the other way as well? Happiness is very good for your heart! Research from the American Heart Association indicates that we are hard-wired for happiness. Happiness
improves our mood and immunity. Be happy – life is good – rejoice. Being consciously aware of what emotional state you are operating in is the core of making your emotions work for you. 

What is your heart saying to you right now? 

Do you perceive feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude, fear, anger, or worry? Or do you not perceive anything at all? Whatever you are sensing, sit back,take a deep breath, then exhale. 

Bottom line:  IF, EMOTIONALLY, we have already set ourselves up for failure, why would we succeed?  We can DO this!  That should excite you!  It excites me! 

Love where you are, when you are, and who you are!  

I am pretty awesome!  And, a little secret......


I am on my way to becoming The Healthy Redhead!!

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